4 Facilities at The Global Sevilla International School Jakarta Barat

School is one of the places where children spend the most time learning new things. Thus, as parents, you need to choose the right school that provides excellent facilities. One of the outstanding international school Jakarta Barat, Global Sevilla, offered to stand out school facilities to support teaching and learning activities. Here is the information you should know.

The Facilities Offered by Global Sevilla You Should Know

1. Greeneries Area with Wide-Open Space

Global Sevilla has an appropriate environment for the teaching and learning process. The greenery area can see it in the surroundings of this international school. It equipped wide-open spaces with beautiful greeneries to support the students’ learning better. The best thing about this greenery space is bringing a sense of when studying at school.

2. Sport Facilities

To develop the students’ physical abilities, Global Sevilla provides sports facilities. This international school uses an extensive range of indoor and outdoor facilities that can be used for students. The excellent sports facilities at international school Jakarta Barat including a basketball court, gym, mini soccer field, and gymnastic room to advance their physical skill.

Sports facilities provided at Global Sevilla are used for students to practice in formal education. Besides that, these facilities are also designed with an ideal environment to support many physical activities for learning processes. All of the facilities offer spacious rooms to enhance the student’s convenience.

3. Swimming Pool

Global Sevilla also provides a swimming pool to develop the student’s physical abilities. The swimming pool is specially designed with large size. In addition, there are changing rooms, showers, and toilet facilities that can be used with the swimming pool. All the students will have a swimming lesson every week with a qualified swimming teacher.

4. Science Laboratories

As an international school Jakarta Barat, Global Sevilla has several laboratory facilities from art to science. The laboratory helps students to comprehend some subject that needs scientific concepts or facts in a particular discipline. It is essential since academics must be done with scientific proof. Therefore, Global Sevilla provides excellent facilities to advance student’s exploration.

All in all, these international school facilities will support the student to have the most incredible place to learn. Besides that, the complete facilities lead the learning and teaching process more effectively. With this in mind, the students will be active, creative, and innovative at the same time in school. That is why parents should consider Global Sevilla to give the best education for children.